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Serving the St. Louis Metro Area Businesses the Wine of Coffee Beans TM

Why is Kahve Coffee the leading, gourmet coffee service in St. Louis? Since the 1970s, we have been the originator and soul commercial provider of “The Wine of Coffee BeansTM” to St. Louis metro area businesses, organizations and institutions. Our exceptionally aromatic coffee beans are ground fresh for every cup of delicious gourmet coffee dispensed from our on-demand brewers—the same as you would get at an expensive coffeehouse, but at a fraction of the cost. With Kahve Coffee’s office coffee service, you can enjoy an inexpensively priced, but expensive-tasting fresh cup of coffee EVERYTIME you get a cup of our gourmet coffee.

Get the Wine of Coffee Beans TM at Kahve Coffee Service–St. Louis

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Largest Selection of Coffee Brewers

Kahve Coffee has top-of-the-line brewers to serve a variety of business sizes and office purpose needs.  Kahve Coffee has a wide selection of large-capacity brewers that dispense as many as 12 different types of beverages, such as gourmet coffees, teas and hot chocolate.  Additionally, we provide medium brewers that provide single cup or carafe options and smaller air pots and low profile brewing systems with gravity-fed hot water lines for your own personal teas, hot chocolates…or even soups.

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Largest Selection of Gourmet Coffees and Select Beverages

At Kahve Coffee, we offer 12 of the most popular gourmet coffees and other select beverages including gourmet Columbian and French roast coffees, cappuccinos, espressos, mochas, lattes, decaf blends, teas and hot chocolates. In addition, we provide assorted coffee accessories such as cups, lids, stir sticks, creamers and sweeteners. Great coffees and assorted beverages, great coffee brewing systems, reliable maintenance and repair services (whether you need monthly maintenance or have a coffee emergency)—all of these qualities and services make Kahve Coffee the premier St. Louis coffee service.

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