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YOUR COMPANY NEEDS COFFEE for its employees, customers and/or visitors…and we have the coffee supplies to help your company to meet that need! Yes, here at Kahve Coffee, we have been supplying commercial businesses with coffee supplies in St. Louis for over 35 years with a variety of products, including coffee brewing stations/ systems, coffee, cappuccinos, teas and other quality drinks.

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Kahve Commercial Coffee Equipment

Kahve’s commercial coffee equipment consists of both complimentary and pay-per-cup use types. We offer several coffee brewing systems available for lease or purchase, such as the COLIBRI LX Espresso/Cappuccino, Koro FB, AIRPOT and LOW PROFILE brewers. You can choose an on-demand, single-cup brewing station, a traditional air pot brewer…or both!

Kahve Commercial Coffee Supplies

We also offer office coffee supplies including Columbian, French Roast, decaffeinated blends, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and other premium beverages. Our commercial coffee supplies also include a variety of creamers and sweeteners, Frac-Packs, hot chocolate and teas, as well as cups, lids, stir sticks and other hot drink-related accessories. And our STL coffee supplies are delivered on a monthly basis, so you will not run low of coffee supplies — or ever run out of supplies!

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Have Your Coffee When You Want It

When you purchase or lease one of our amazing top-of-the-line brewing systems as well as purchase our coffee supplies and accessories, you get peace of mind knowing that whenever you want a cup of coffee at your company you can have it. It’s readily available every day for your employees or guests. And if you have evening or weekend meetings, or are just plain working late, access to fine coffee is right within reach. Drink up!

Kahve Coffee Is the Leading Supplier of Quality Commercial Coffee Brewing Stations/Systems, Coffees, Teas, Hot Chocolates and Coffee Accessories in St. Louis. Contact Us Today to Place Your Order!

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