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Did you know Kahve Coffee provides office coffee supplies to businesses in the St. Louis area? We have been the leading, highly respected supplier of commercial coffee supplies to a variety of companies in the metropolitan St. Louis area for more than 35 years. We have a large supply of gourmet coffee products, including lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and decafs available, along with a huge selection of exclusive teas and other premium drinks.

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Kahve Coffee Provides the Most Comprehensive Coffee Accessories

If you provide coffee to your employees and customers, you need to have a wide selection of coffee accessories readily available at all times. Kahve Coffee will keep your office supplied with a variety of creamers, sweeteners, Frac-packs, cups, lids, stir-sticks, and other hot drink-related accessories that can be ordered and delivered automatically on a monthly basis along with your coffee products, so your company will always have commercial office coffee supplies in stock.

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If you do not have an office coffee service in place, why not take the hassle out of trying to provide coffee for your office on your own? You can start with monthly orders of rich, aromatic gourmet coffees, exotic teas, and luscious hot chocolate products from Kahve Coffee. We offer affordable pricing, local installation, and service along with top-of-the-line brewing systems, premium coffee supplies, and necessary accessories to businesses in the St. Louis metro area. Let us serve you, too!

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