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Single Cup On-Demand Coffee Brewers

“I need my coffee!”  Such is the lament our coffee-drinking, working-class society! And to get the working class operating at their “working-best,” a fresh cup of coffee in the workplace is a very tasteful idea. In fact, providing single cup coffee brewers in the office (learn about office coffee services) could be one of your company’s best investments…EVER!

Kahve Coffee Has a Variety of Single Cup Coffee Brewers to Fit Any Size of Business Entity

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Why Do We Need to Drink Coffee at Work?

  • 1. Coffee is actually one of the healthiest beverages billions of people consume regularly.
  • 2. Regular consumption of coffee decreases the risk of Type II Diabetes, heart disease and many other health risks.
  • 3. The caffeine in the coffee keeps the brain alert and receptive to new information. (A big plus for employers.)
  • 4. Coffee with exercise averages a 20% increase in energy and 40% decrease in fatigue, while burning fat increases to 107% greater than without caffeine.
  • 5. It is a relaxing and satisfying beverage.

The Many Benefits of Coffee Make Having Kahve Coffee in the Workplace a Great Investment!

Coffee Improves Employee Production

There you have it! If you want the best production out of your employees, no matter the size of your business, have Kahve Coffee — the leading St. Louis single cup coffee cup coffee maker and supplier to businesses in the St. Louis area — set you up with the best single cup coffee brewers, equipment and supplies in the world! Our individual cup coffee brewers come in a convenient size, have a built-in payment system and are easy to operate; or you can have complimentary brewing stations. We offer 12 different coffee and hot chocolate beverages so there should be a flavor to gratify even the most discriminating of tastes among your fine employees. Having coffee regularly and readily available will give your employees one more reason to “give it their all” at work!

Kahve Coffee Provides Businesses in the St. Louis Area with Quality Single Cup Coffee Brewers and Supplies. Contact Us Today for a Demonstration!

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