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It’s a known fact—Americans have to have their coffee! So, if you are a business owner or manager and you want to keep your customers/visitors/employees happy and satisfied, you need at least one single cup coffee maker at your place of business! Whether you are a medical, dental, vision center, or law facility; a large or small corporation; a service entity such as repair shop; or in the hospitality industry, such as a hotel, resort, or restaurant, we have the best single cup coffee makers in St. Louis in just the size and style to suit your business needs and desires.

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Our Single Serve Coffee Brewer Styles Include:

  • Colibri LX Office Solutions – Features MDB Payment System and offers 12 different popular gourmet beverages: (1) Espresso, (2) Cappuccino, (3) Decaf Café Americano, (4) Cafe Americano, (5) French Vanilla Cappuccino, (6) Decaf Cappuccino, (7) Cafe Latte, (8) Hot Chocolate Whipped, (9) Decaf Cafe Latte, (10)Cafe Mocha, (11) Decaf Espresso and (12) Decaf Cafe Mocha
  • Koro FB – Features MDB Payment Module and up to 8 flavor selections.
  • Air Pot Brewer – Features gravity-fed hot water faucet for teas, soups and hot cocoas
  • Low Profile Brewer – Also features gravity-fed hot water faucet for teas, soups and hot cocoas, but the unit comes in a smaller size.
  • Kahve Coffee has all of the miscellaneous coffee supplies that your staff or customers may need including cups, lids, stirrers and additional supplies.

Kahve Coffee Has a Variety of Coffee Maker Equipment and Beverage Flavors to Suit Businesses Large and Small

Kahve Coffee Is Your Gourmet Office Coffee Supplier in St. Louis

Yes, Kahve Coffee — the leading St. Louis City and County one cup coffee maker supplier — has the most amazing Gourmet Coffee and Specialty Beverage brewing equipment, along with the best tasting beverages, in the world! Companies of every size and every market focus have been experiencing the quality and convenience of our state-of-the-art single cup coffee makers for over 35 years; and they have remained our loyal customers due to our second-to-none service. We work with you one-on-one to provide you with the single cup coffee, beverage equipment, supplies, and office coffee service that you need. And keep you in supplies, so you and your customers, visitors and/or employees never have to experience a single dry cup in the house.

St. Louis Single Cup Coffee Maker Supplier Has the Best Gourmet Coffee and Specialty Beverage Brewing Equipment in the World. Contact Us for a Free Demonstration Today!

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