Office Coffee Machines St. Louis

Office Coffee Machines St. Louis

Select Your Office Coffee Machine Service Partner in St. Louis

For suburb coffee service selections and office coffee machines for St. Louis metropolitan businesses, service providers, offices and other locations, choose the St. Louis original, Kahve Coffee. We offer a selection of commercial-grade brewers, gourmet coffee blends and other hot beverages, inventory stocking service, and equipment maintenance service for our clients throughout the metropolitan area.

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Complimentary Coffee, Payment Solutions and Great Tasting Hot Beverages

Kahve Coffee provides complimentary, pay-per-cup coffee and MDB payment module solutions for your office, business or other location.  Provided you have a break room or a waterline hook-ups, you can choose an in-line coffee brewer or a stand-alone, traditional brewer/brew pot coffee equipment solution that meets your specific workplace requirements.  You can choose a low profile brewer or commercial-grade office coffee machines for St. Louis locations.

Regardless of the specific equipment that you choose for your location, you always have several hot beverage options including gourmet coffee selections, cappuccinos, espressos, decaffeinated coffee blends, hot chocolate or tea that are sure to please discriminating consumers.

Select Your Office Coffee Machine(s) in St. Louis

As indicated, when you select your specific office coffee machine(s) for a St. Louis location, Kahve Coffee will handle the details.  You can select a brewing station that uses a coin validator, a MDB payment module for single pay-per-cup office beverages, or choose traditional brewers for complimentary service for your employees and/or customers. Kahve Coffee will offer inventory stocking options, installation and maintenance as you prefer.

Select from our brewers including:

  • Complimentary or pay-per-cup vending solutions including pay-per-cup (single cup dispensing) with a coin validator or MDB payment module option for your brewing stations
  • Colibri XL—a great brewer and a standard for excellence in office coffee machines for St. Louis locations; this brewer station allows up to 12 separate flavor dispensing options (coffees, tea and hot chocolate); the Colibri XL is a commercial-grade brewer that uses an in-line plumbed water supply; we can set this station up for customers interested in using it with a pay-per-cup coin validator or standard MDB Payment System options
  • Compact Koro FB—a great brewing station for smaller workplace environments, offices, small workplace kitchens, break rooms and customer waiting areas; the Compact Koro FB brewer offers up to eight hot beverage selections; this brewer may be used as a pay-per-cup service or as a complimentary coffee service
  • Standard air pot coffee brewers (single warming plate)—a low-profile, compact coffee pot brewer; this brewer has a standard style tank reservoir which is ideal for smaller offices and workplaces; this is a very good complimentary coffee service brewing station
  • Inventory stocking—Kahve Coffee offers automatic restocking service with coffee machine service at your location—this includes beverage condiments, coffees creamers, sweeteners, and supplies including cups, lids, mixers, and stirrers
  • Contracts with maintenance service from Kahve Coffee—we will set up and connect in-line brewers, provide periodical cleaning and provide general maintenance as required when you sign up for equipment and stocking services
  • Review Kahve Coffee’s product listings for more information


Additionally, choose from our robust selections of premium hot beverages and gourmet coffees that meet your requirements for workplace selections or complimentary customer service.  Currently, Kahve Coffee offers great-tasting gourmet beverage options including: Cafe Americano, Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, Cappuccino, French Vanilla Cappuccino and Espresso.  Kahve Coffee provides several decaffeinated coffee selections including: Decaf Cafe Americano, Decaf Cappuccino, Decaf Cafe Latte, Decaf Cafe Mocha, Decaf Espresso and we offer Hot Chocolate (Whipped) and tea selections.

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