St. Louis Coffee Service Companies

St. Louis Coffee Service Companies

Choose One of the Best St. Louis Coffee Service Companies for Your Office Supplies

Full-Service Office Coffee Supply Company

Choose office coffee supplies, brewers, blends and inventory stocking service from one of the best St. Louis coffee service companies, Kahve Coffee.  It has never been easier to have great tasting, aromatic coffee, hot chocolate and tea selections for your workers or customers.  All you have to do is sign up for service with a St. Louis original, Kahve Coffee, a commercial supplier of commercial-grade coffee brewers, traditional coffee stations (coffee brewers and pot warmers) with gourmet coffee selections, cappuccinos, espressos, hot chocolate, tea, and decaffeinated coffee selections that are sure to please.

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You Always Have Coffee Service Options with Kahve Coffee

Whether you want equipment and supplies from St. Louis coffee service companies for complimentary coffee or you want a versatile vending (MDB) or pay-per-cup station, we can supply your business, office, service center, restaurant, bar, waiting room or break room with durable, low-maintenance coffee brewers.  We will even maintain your stations and set you up for monthly supply stocking—take the hassle out of office coffee supplying with automatic direct service from one of the best St. Louis coffee service companies.

Contract Office Coffee Services Include Brewing Stations, Supplies and Maintenance

Kahve Coffee removes the hassle out of supplying coffee and hot beverages for your employees, guests or customers.  We will gladly discuss your brewing equipment and resupply options.  A Kahve Coffee technician will install any water plumb-line brewers in your kitchen, break room or waiting room (depending on the availability of water line) or set up traditional coffee pot brewers depending on your selection.

You can choose from our high-quality brewing equipment including:

  • Colibri LX Super Automatic Espresso/Cappuccino Unit—a very high quality brewer that provides up to 12 separate drink selections; the Colibri LX has automatic espresso/cappuccino brewing options and grinds coffee beans in seconds for the freshest, most aromatic, and delectable coffees, espresso, cappuccino or other hot beverages; additionally, this unit has vending options including MDB payment options or a coin validator for pay-per-cup dispensing; and, the Colibri LX brewer is an in-line water plumb model (optional base cabinet available)
  • Koro FB Brewing Station—the perfect solution for medium-use needs; the Koro FB has up to eight drink selections and you can also use carafes for complimentary coffee; optional distilled water storage tanks area available for this unit; the Koro FB may be plumbed in-line to your water supply; or, you can set up the Koro FB for pay-per-cup options vending with a MDB payment module
  • Standard Brewers/Restaurant Style Air Pot Brewers—traditional, low-profile, single, air pot coffee brewing station; this is ideal for small offices, restaurants, bars or waiting rooms; this model has a pot warming station and is ideal for self-service or complimentary use
  • Learn more about Kahve Coffee’s brewers and drink selections

We offer service contracts that include maintenance for brewing stations, frequent thorough cleaning of the units, and we will provide service calls if you have any difficulties with one of our commercial-grade units.  We provide automatic monthly supply stocking service for coffees, teas, hot chocolates, stirrers, creamers, sweeteners, cups, lids, mixers, and other supplies.

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